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Just Do It…before 2013

10 Sep

The fall season is just around the corner, even if in Southern California it still feels like the middle of July. Soon, I hope that 70 degrees will join us soon!

For some reason, I always find myself the busiest in the fall: holidays, family gatherings, my birthday, brothers’ water polo games, hockey, and football. It seems the calendar fills up fast for us. To focus, I am writing 4 simple goals to complete before 2013.

Before writing out this list though, I set some ground rules for myself:

1.  Be simple. Not outlandish. I need to set goals that would be joy and make me feel as if I am accomplishing something.

2. Be realistic. Do not be an overachiever. The goals I set need to be ones that I know I can accomplish.


1. Write everyday.  This is probably most important to me, being a writer and all. The days fill up quickly with work, household chores, cooking, and relaxing, sometimes writing takes a back seat. The hard truth in this is, in order to be a writer, one most write.  An hour a day, may someday publish a book.

2. Eat clean, non-processed foods. Even if I am pretty good at this, I can do better and I want to do better. Mostly, it’s snack foods. Microwave popcorn, chips, granola bars…the list goes on. I want to try one “replacement” recipe a week.

3. Organize and Decorate. Over the past two months, we have done a pretty good job with placing things in our new house. There’s still work to be done. See this post. The corner downstairs with all the boxes, has been cleaned up! Progress. Three more rooms to go.

4. Make a list of fall/winter clothes that should be added to my wardrobe. So, maybe this should be done before 2013 gets here, but I need to shop for things I need rather than things I see. I tend to buy things I am unsure of and never wear, if I go shopping without a purpose.

Is there anything you want to do before 2013?