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N’s Kitchen: Week of 09/16

17 Sep

I try to plan a weekly menu for these reasons:

1. I hate thinking about what to eat for dinner after while I am starving. Half the time, I just want to go eat out.

2. All the¬†ingredients will be in the house. After figuring out what to eat, there’s nothing worse than having to go to the store to complete the meal.

3. It helps us eat healthy and try new recipes.

Monday: Pasta. Usually I just start throwing things in the sauce. Peppers, onions, herbs, whatever sounds good to me in that moment.

Tuesday: Taco salad

Wednesday: Korean BBQ and rice

Thursday: Leftovers – Usually by Thursday, we have a few leftovers to eat since I usually cook for four when there is only two.

Friday: Garlic chicken and potatoes