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Slowly, But Surely

27 Aug

A month and a half ago (give or take a few days) we moved my stuff and wedding gifts into the house. I’m not going to lie there are still items in cardboard boxes, wedding gifts still stacked in the corner,  empty product boxes waiting to be recycled,  a second bedroom dying to be organized, and an office begging to be used.

Working forty hours a week, finding time to write, read, have fun, cook, clean, and organize is not an easy task. I’m not complaining, it’s just sometimes I wish there were more then 168 hours in a week or that I could surive on 3 hours of sleep like Martha Stewart.

I may have gone crazy, but I am sharing my messy disorganized  quirky house with you. Don’t judge, it’s a work in progress.

This is the downstairs. It is in disarray to say the least. My goal is to buy a new coffee table, get rid of unnecessary boxes, find places for gifts, move the “office” that is on the dinning room table upstairs, and get things organized. I’m hoping that if I give myself two weeks, I’ll get it done in one.

This is the loft area of the upstairs aka the office. More boxes and a desk that needs some TLC (pardon the risers, it needed to be higher) and organization. If I get this done sometime in September, I’ll be happy.

The second bedroom that has become overflow from my closet and other loose ends. To be realistic, this room may not get cleaned up until December….since everything without a place ends up here.

Our bedroom isn’t so horrible. We need coordinating bedding, a home for the shoes, a rug to cover the cable line, and real night stands. Please notice that our bedside tables are cardboard boxes.

Keep an eye out for “after” photos and nag me, if you don’t see any soon. No pictures mean I’m not organizing or unpacking!