Home is Wherever I’m With You

20 Sep

I have an itch. I call it the seven year itch.

Growing up, I moved; Orange County, Upstate New York, the Bay Area, and back to Orange County. All within 17 years.  I’m 24 now and there has been something in the back of my mind for a little over a year now.

I think I would like to move for the sole reason of experiencing something new.

What’s funny about my itch is, I hated moving as a kid. It rocked my world. Looking back though, I love the experiences that I have had because of the locations that I have lived in.

This time though, I would be moving on my own accord. My dad isn’t going to tell me where to pack up and go to (well, actually that could probably still happen).

Who knows if we will actually move though. Who knows if I will settle down my modern day nomadic roots and have a “forever house.” But still I know that it would be a house I could quickly pack away in boxes onto a moving truck.

Wherever the wind may take Brady and I, I will go because I fully believe that home is wherever we are together. Yet, these places or regions would be my top picks:

1. New York City (or another East Coast city): What writer doesn’t want to be in NYC? The best writers have lived and wrote there. I don’t think it would be a forever house kind of place, but a year or two there might be nice.

2. The South: Give me country roads, miles and miles of green grass, and farmhouses; I am sold in a heartbeat. It is also a known fact that writers, go to the country to escape and write away from busy city life.

3. Hawaii: I’ve never really wanted to actually live there, but I think I should. My grandparents are there and really, the North Shore has been calling my name. Who thinks I could become a surfer?

If only we could win the lottery, I could have places all over the world






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